Starting A Business Career

Starting A Business Career

Career guidance and counseling can be helpful to choose the right career path because each career requires some special skill sets for success. Similarly, when embarking on a business career, it is important to have the right guidelines before selecting a specific direction. To excel in business you need to be intelligent, analytical, meticulous, motivated, dedicated, have good oral and written communication skills, and should be fluent with the use of modern technology. You also need to analyze whether you can fit into a team and work with other competitive people.

Deciding On The Aspect Of Business To Specialize In For Your Career

The word "business" covers many diverse activities. Therefore, deciding on what type of business you want to pursue is only one part of the decision. Another factor is what aspect of business you want to specialize in. You might be planning your career in finance, marketing, computing, or some other job within a business. You should also decide whether you want a home business career or a separate workplace.

Planning And Applying For Business Education

Choosing A Program

Careers in the business field offer many options to students, so when considering a career in business, it is important to consider your own strengths, skills and experience, as well as your interests. It is also important to take into consideration your long-term goal – whether you want to be the owner or a chief executive. The better you know and understand your own motivation for wanting a business career, the more likely you are to take the best decision for your future. Basic knowledge about the key aspects of running a business and how they inter-relate to one another is also important in order to make a correct decision.

Programs On Offer

-Certificate, diploma, and degree programs at business institutes and career schools.
-Diploma and degree programs at community colleges.
-Undergraduate programs at traditional colleges and universities:
-Graduate programs at colleges and universities:
-Online programs

For those seeking an entry-level position, companies may hire graduates of a certificate, associate degree or bachelor's degree program. Entry-level courses, especially those for the business executive, give a broad outlook for a career in business and may include study of accounting, economics, finance, business communication, human relations, business law, management and organizational principles, and the use of computers in business. Major programs on offer by various business schools are MBA Programs, Accounting Programs, Business Administration Degrees, E-Commerce, Health Care Administration, Public Relations, and Human Resource Management, among others.

Applying To Business Schools

Generally, admission for higher education in the United States is based on high school grades, college admissions tests such as the ACT and the SAT, letters of recommendation, and an application completed by the student. There are various top business schools in the United States, such as Harvard and Stanford University.
Details of various business schools and their admission process can be found on the Internet.

Points That Need To Be Considered When Choosing The Right Business School

When investigating business degree and certificate programs, some of the general points that need to be considered are:

-The degree program should be state accredited.
-The flexibility of the programs offered.
-The career services that include job placement, a resume service, job fairs and networking opportunities, the fee connected with the career services offered, if any and the placement rate for graduates of the program.
-Program schedules to suit your needs – full-time or part-time school, evenings or weekends only and online or distance learning.
-The cost of the education. If you require financial aid, ask about scholarship, loans or grants available.

Some Careers In Business:

-Managers – Account Managers, IT Managers, Operations Managers
-Executive and Corporate Officers
-Administrative and Executive Assistants
-Accountants and other financial personnel, including tax accountants, payroll specialists, and credit & collections specialists.
-Supply-chain and Logistics specialists
-International business specials
-Business consultants
-Public-relations Personnel
-Human-resources personnel

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