Advancement Opportunities In The Rail Industry

The need to advance within the rail industry is a powerful motivator for young rail professionals early in their career. While financial stability and familiarity with the workplace are great goals early on, many rail professionals feel the need to advance higher in the workplace as a means of measuring their professional abilities. However, many young professionals are so focused on one specific job in the railway that they ignore other potential positions which they may be qualified for.

On the whole, railway workers need to maintain a wide field of vision during their early career to avoid missed opportunities. Engineers, mechanics, and other maintenance professionals should aspire to positions in depot management. Depots are massive operations to run, with large budgets and staffs in need of proper managing and direction. Experienced maintenance personnel are often promoted within the railway in order to maintain a sense of continuity.

Young mechanics and engineers interested in management positions should consider depot management. Drivers and other onboard railway professionals need to consider positions within general railway management as a viable career option. Drivers, more than any other professional, are aware of the daily life of workers travelling regular routes. Companies who are looking for middle management and executives types often look at drivers and onboard personnel as possible replacements for old staff.

The professional who combines their extensive knowledge with the railway with an ambition to become a member of management can consider these positions. There are a number of other management positions and other advancement opportunities that are often overlooked by management aspirants. While railway professionals often think of advancing within the railway's business side, they should consider station management as a stepping stone to more advanced positions. Station managers have to be familiar with the regular functions of trains, the signalling of trains to different tracks, and a variety of other tasks familiar to younger railway professionals. Station management is a great way for railway professionals to show their management skills while developing the experience to move further up the corporate ladder.

Another position overlooked by mechanics, engineers, and many other railway professionals is in railway inspection. Railways and government agencies alike hire experienced railway workers with an eye for detail and strong organisational skills to inspect facilities and trains. Inspection positions for experienced railway professionals often require managing small inspection teams and overseeing major inspection projects in coordination with other inspectors.

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