Gain Inspiration in Your Career as an Architect by Following these Professionals

So you are dreaming to be an aspiring Architect or as George Constanza would, "you know I always wanted to pretend to be architect!". Ok I had to work in some Seinfeld reference today so there it is. But lets not pretend here, lets talk about fact. You are an aspiring architect, and what better way to jump into the profession then learning more about it.
If the path you want to pursure is being an innovator in the architecture industry then look no further than Great Schools by Design, a program administered by the American Architectural Foundation (AAF) and sponsored by the architectural company Target.

This program allows students to get involved in designing schools and matches school leaders with architectural innovators.
But maybe you are already a young architect and want to stir up some creative thoughts about new designs, maybe a better design of an already existing facility. Willard Daggett, president of the International Center for Leadership in Education, suggests, "technology is an important foundation for building." He continues, "sustainability issues should be considered when building a design and that the design should have an artistic consideration.

So where can an architect or aspiring architect go for more information besides the web? The 2007 American Institute of Architects (AIA) New York Chapter Design Awards will be held on April 9 to July 7 in New York City as well as the AIA National 150 Best Buildings Exhibition Opening is on April 11 in Washington, D.C. and of course The Snapshot 007: Current Houston Design on View will be held on May 18 to June 16 in Houston, Texas. Three great shows and venues for aspiring architects to gain some knowledge and inspriation.
As with an goal achievment process or career path succession, one should always have a mentor or someone in the industry they can look up to and learn from. Architecture is no different.

Architect Steven Ehrlich, is a good place to start. It has been his principle in designing which has made him well known and successful in the architecture profession. His resume includes designing the eco-conscious building in Zaria, Nigeria with a mud and thatch experimental theater. This structure is still maintained and due to its cultural relevance it was described as a reflection of a singular multicultural modernism.

Ehrlich states, "that latest technology in architecture allows architects to be environmentally responsible."
Or you can look to Eddie Jones, another successful and brilliant architect. Jones has designed buildings for the state of Arizona. He tends to use the element of surprise in his work, where inside his architecture, "unexpected ways of letting the sun and moon enhance the experience of a space abound," claims an unnamed source. Eddie Jones runs the Jones Studio Inc.

with his brother, and he continues to "benefit creatively from what surrounds him naturally," according to Architecure Digest.
So as you can see the profession of architecture is a challenging one, yet there are many avenues you take as well as groups, people and exhibits you can draw inspiration from to enhance your career.
By: Michael C. Podlesny.

About the Author:
Michael C. Podlesny is the Managing Director of is an online resource that allows architects and architecture firms to list their services for hire in 20,000 cities in over 200 countries around the world free of charge.

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