and Economics and Illegal Immigration

Currently in United States of America we are worried about high oil prices, Middle Eastern politics, our national debt and illegal immigration; so what else is new? You know I always find interesting is that the United States of America's government keeps doing the same things and keeps getting the same results.Each time the FED, the United States Congress or even the president of the United States changes one or more lever in an attempt to change a situation in the economy; what happens?.The same thing that has always happened; Now then, let's do a flash back to the past and let's take it back about seven years shall we? Below is an excerpt from a speech I gave to an economics class at a community college in 1999. Now mind you this is only one minute of the thirty-minute speech, however it is indeed very telling;."Now let us throw in some hefty fuel prices when there is a shortage of drivers and trucking is up 22% traffic is slowing down America.

And we cannot even control that. Our National Debt will be paid off soon and our credit rating and dollar even stronger, and prices keep going up yet salaries remain neutral or if you count in the added time cards actually go down. Immigration is bringing in more lower paying jobs, thus a possibility of further separation of classes for no apparent reason except profession or the pendulum swing due to government or changes in sector rotation of the market.

If we continue to allow this migration and do not control it unchecked we will see a driving down in wages of our more skilled labor force in trade and much needed resources will be diverted from the education of Americans who have been paying in and need to feed families. May I ask what happens when this robust economy slows down?".My point being that; How soon we forget? Are things really much different than they were in 1998 were 1999? Sure we have a new president or a different president and a different political party running things, however things are very similar. Yes we have a much larger debt, but we were also attacked during 911 and we have had two wars.

But all in all things are very similar and it is rather surprising that we choose to divide ourselves over silly little political issues at a time that we should be working together in a common cause rather than being doomed to repeat the past. We must stand together and stand tall against international terrorism.Surely that would be a great accomplishments in the present period along with all this sound and fury signifying not much at all. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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