Beat Procrastination in Simple Ways with Smart Goal Getting

The setting of goals is a step in the right direction toward achieving anything. It clearly shows that there are some good things present; such as, a purpose and some determination. But as horrible as it may sound, it achieves very little until the next step begins to be taken. This article will show how you can go from setting your goals to achieving those same goals.

It will provide a way to beat procrastination. What was just implied may come as a little shock to some. The truth is, however, that once we state our goals, whether they be about goals for the day, goals for life, goals in school, or whatever, they are no good to us if only stated as goals.

Oftentimes, we settle for goal making, but it often ends up like so many new year's resolution - unfulfilled. After they are written we sit back, feeling proud about ourselves, and feel like we accomplished something - but we are still procrastinating about it. Once we understand that a goal is of no value until we initiate the action desired, then we still have not beat procrastination.

We still have not gone anywhere. Here are some steps to take you from goal setting to goal reaching. 1.

Review your goals. Look at them honestly and analytically to determine what kind of goals they are. Ask yourself if these are "real" goals. This means to discern if there is a way to know when you've achieved it. If a goal is rather nebulous, then reword it to express something more tangible.

2. Make your goals measurable Another step that will help you to beat procrastination is to take these goals that you made more realistic, and now make them measurable. For instance, if your goal is to read more books this year, and watch less television, then this is not measurable. Or, another situation, comes from the area of weight loss.

Someone says, I want to start walking more so I can lose weight. Well the thought is there - but it is not real (lack of determination), neither measurable. But, on the other hand, if you said, I will walk two miles a day, for five days a week, so I can lose 20 pounds in three months - that is both realistic and measurable. 3. Determine a time frame for your goals Next, take your goals and attach a time frame to each of them. If there is a large goal, or many, this needs to be broken down into workable units.

Let's say, for example, that you wanted to write your first novel as one of your goals. Break this down into obtainable units, by weeks, or, if you are really busy, by months. If you are new to writing books, and if you work, then, it might look like this: Week one - read articles about book writing, how to do it, and take notes. Week two - read more articles and develop a general outline of the book.

Week three - more articles, develop outline more and develop characters of the novel. Week twenty-two - final corrections. Week twenty-three - send to publisher. 4. Review your goals and adjust them accordingly If you really do want to succeed, and beat procrastination, then you must review your goals and make them more realistic. If, after a week, you find that you can write two chapters a week, great, now set your written goals to match the newly discovered ability.

It is good to always keep a little pressure on yourself. And, don't forget you also need the goal of having researched and found a potential publisher - before you finish the book. 5. Begin Step one of your goals today Wanting to beat procrastination, and doing it, are two different things. Start today to see your goals achieved - one day at a time.

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