Can You Make a Career Of Inspecting Homes

Do you have a knack for smelling out water damage in a refinished basement? Can you tell the difference between mold and fungus? Does your sharp eye pinpoint every imperfection, blemish, and crack that a wall presents? Then, you might be the perfect candidate for a career in the rewarding world of home inspecting. Whether you tackle this job as a part-time gig or wish to turn it into a full-blown career, you will be helping people with one of the most important decisions in their life - choosing a safe investment to live in. Skills and Training In the eyes of the public, just having raw talent and skills is not enough to become successful at home inspecting. As a future home inspector, you will need to undergo various types of training to hone the skills that will better serve your clients. Home inspectors need to acquire a working, extensive knowledge of the most important areas of a house. This can be achieved through various courses and programs.

Many states follow a list of guidelines when it comes to home inspectors. For example, in Illinois, all of the home inspectors must be at least 21 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent recognition, such as a GED. Home inspectors must be licensed and only become so after the completion of 60 hours of pre-license, DFPR provided education. After taking the appropriate instruction, individuals must pass the state-specific Home Inspector License Exam.

If they pass, they can submit an application and pay applicable fees. As a contrast, in Nevada you can be 18 years old and only need 40 hours of classroom instruction accredited by the Nevada Real Estate Division. This instruction is followed by the completion of an apprenticeship of 25 inspections or the 102 course in home inspection. Home inspectors have to be able thoroughly examine a house and notice all of the interior, as well as exterior, strengths and weaknesses.

The job involves more than just cracks and leaky faucets. There are electrical and deeper plumbing issues to address. The heating and cooling units of a home also require scrutiny. You should be familiar with the roof, attic, basement and landscaping of a residence. Homebuyers, as well as homeowners rely on a complete and accurate analysis and assessment. The inspectors findings and final written report may be the defining factor in whether a house is sold or bought.

Getting Started Once you have made the decision to become a home inspector, you should seek out the appropriate education. To ensure you are following the right path towards becoming a certified and licensed home inspector, you must first familiarize yourself with state requirements. This will tell you how many hours of instruction are needed, as well as necessary fees, insurance coverage, and credentials you must possess to complete the process. Through classroom instruction, you will become a pro regarding the ins and outs of plumbing, roofs, structural damage, heating and cooling systems, electrical wiring, as well as detecting water in the basement. Once you are certified and licensed, you can begin enlightening the world with your home inspection expertise. Getting Jobs Joining a home inspection company allows you to get your feet wet in the business.

The more jobs you take, the smoother your inspection skills will become. For some, there may come the time when they wish to branch out and work for themselves. Home inspecting is rather profitable and homebuyers pay an average of $250-$350 for this service. During your time working for a company, you not only build confidence and experience, but also build a contact list with realtors. Make sure that you keep records of those clients who were satisfied with the inspections you performed.

If you decide to start your own business, you will surely benefit from the free word-of-mouth advertisement that comes from previous clients. Making sure your business card is given out to anyone you come in contact with will also help spread the word of your services. And when all else fails, advertise in the newspaper and create a dazzling online presence to attract clients.

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