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Child development as a science is still in its infancy, and there are a lot of theories when it comes to child development and also on how to parent a child and nurture him for a brighter future. The truth is that bringing up a child is not a walk in the park, and sometimes parents need all the help they can get in bringing up their children. There is no shortage of advice on the internet, but there is a lot less said about the role of patience in bringing up children. Like all important aspects of life, bringing up children also requires a lot of patience. Any good child development book will tell you that children are no different from plants; they need to be nurtured and be given room to grow up. Instead of trying to correct children before they make mistakes, it is sometimes important to let them make mistakes and let them learn from their mistakes.

And mistakes can be anything from breaking the same toy twice, to not doing their chores on time. It is important to know that giving you children everything on a platter can be detrimental to their development and they might never develop problem solving skills if all their problems are solved for them. As parents it can be difficult to see your children encounter problems and some times suffer, but as long as they are not being hurt or are not under undue stress, problems are a way of life. Another factor that is known to affect children both subconsciously and consciously is the environment they are bought up in. It is a well know fact that children that are bought up in an environment that is a too strict, or where violence and fighting is a way of life are usually dysfunctional in their adult life.

Physiatrists agree that even as early as the first year a child can sense a hostile environment. As a parent remember that no matter what the situation do not fight in front of your children. Children have different ways of interpreting fighting; the negative impact that fighting has on children is undeniable.

Children are like a sponge, they soak up everything around them good or bad. If children are exposed to the finer things in life and are provided an environment where they can grow and explore their inner capabilities, chances are that children will grow up to be the best they can be. Professionally too, children are directly influenced by the work ethics of their parents. If a child notices his parents work hard and display professionalism, children too grow up with similar work ethics.

In fact the most important thing parents can pass on to their children is ethics and principles. A child that is bought up in a home where good morals are valued will grow up to be a person that displays the same set of values. A classical example would of course be a son refusing to tell his father a lie, as cliché as it sounds its absolutely true.

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