Doing it Yourself Indie Artists

I would like to take a moment to recognize all the Indie musicians out there. Amazingly, 20+ years ago it was not quite as easy to make it as an Indie musician. Luckily, for these folks, the new millennium has brought about many opportunities for these artists to make it big in the music industry without the assistance of a major record label or company. This is possible today because the music promotional ideas out there are limitless. In case you are not familiar, an "Indie" or independent artists is one that is not affiliated or connected to any major label. There are basically two types of Indie musicians, ones who are waiting to get signed and those who don't care if they ever do.

Indie musicians who don't care to be signed generally enjoy the do-it-yourself approach and use the available musician resources. But why wouldn't every musician want to be signed to a major label? And, are there other ways in figuring out how to promote your CD? Well, times they are a changing.If one is not signed to a record label, they are allowed more creative freedom and don't have to answer to anyone. They pick their songs, they record them at will, they wear what they want and they play where they want. For some musicians, this is the life that they choose. Not everyone feels they need to be tied down to one particular label or company.

As they say, to each their own. There is such a thing as an independent label which are great musician resources. An independent record label operates on its own, without the funding of a larger, major label, traditionally. Then there are the independent labels that are started by established artists but typically are associated with a major label in some sort of way. Another perk that Indie musicians experience these days, stems directly from technology.

Historically, artists depended on major labels for help recording records and distributing them as well. Now, it is possible for Indie musicians to succeed on their own given they have the right talent and a true desire to succeed. It isn't as expensive to record music, make CDs and distribute them online and to the world. Major labels are not the only people who know how to promote your CD.

Doing it yourself in the music industry and succeeding is absolutely within any artist's reach. Hard work, determination and taking advantage of all the available resources out there is exactly the way to do it. It is o.k.

if your goal to eventually to be signed but there is also no shame in doing it yourself.

Ty Cohen, owner of Platinum Millennium publishing, former record label owner & national music industry seminar speaker/panelist. Author & creator of best-selling music biz books, courses, audio products & "How to" resources that helped 1000s.Visit for more information on Music Promotional Ideas, How to Promote Your CD & Musician Resources.

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