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Dubai is a leading cultural and trading hub, offering a free/open market with no exchange controls, restrictive quotas or trade barriers. It is found to be a strategic location at the heart of the world's richest region by many multi-national companies. The Dubai economy is served by more than 170 shipping lines and 86 airlines.

Most of the business operations deal with trade, transportation, tourism, distribution, consulting and processing.Labor law is protective of employees. It governs hours of work, leave, termination rights, medical benefits and repatriation. Employment for foreigners is on a contract basis. Vacations generally follow the rule of 21 days for every year of the first five years of service and 30 days for every year thereafter. The total gratuity will not exceed two years' wages.

Vacations can also be pro-rated after the first year. Trade unions do not exist.The normal working hours are eight per day or 48 per week. However, these hours may be increased to nine daily for people working in the retail trade, hotels and similar establishments. Difficult or dangerous jobs carry shorter workweeks.

Many businesses work on a two-shift system. As in all Muslim countries, Friday is the weekly day of rest. Private companies work 40-45 hours a week and government bodies about 35. During the holy month of Ramadan working hours are usually reduced by about two hours a day. The weekend has traditionally been Thursday afternoon and Friday, but a number of organizations have changed to a five-day week with Friday and Saturday as the weekend.

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By: Damian Sofsian

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