Exploring Graduate Careers In The UK

Graduates throughout the United Kingdom are filling the desks of hiring managers with hundreds of thousands of applications. The rise in university attendance coupled with the number of jobs that require advanced education means that there is heavy competition for every graduate career position in the UK. While a better educated work force is certainly beneficial to everyone involved, it can be a difficult path for the graduates looking for work. The high competition from colleagues and the high expectations from companies looking to compete in the marketplace means that graduates need to seriously explore their career path before proceeding.

Graduates in the UK who are exploring their long term career path first need to determine what steps they want to take first. Some graduates find it beneficial to work part time or on temporary projects in order to gain experience and a paycheck to help pay the rent. Other graduates look to trainee programs or apprenticeships in order to slowly but surely proceed on their career path. A final group of graduates seek out full time employment right away, whether it is a position they are directly interested in or one that they hope will give them experience to land a better job in the future. No matter the reason, UK graduates need to think about which first step best fits their short and long term career goals.

As well, UK graduates need to use the right tools to explore the graduate careers that fit their personal needs. Often, graduates search for jobs on their own without the sounding chamber that they become accustomed to in the university setting. Graduates should speak with former professors and advisors to gain insight into how their degree can be used in the workplace. Young professionals should also utilize friends, family, and others they come across to gain a fuller perspective on the process of finding the great career. In addition to anecdotal evidence, UK graduates need to know the best ways to find and apply for jobs.

Graduates need to fix up their CV, fill out their applications, and get ready to interview effectively for their dream job. In order to get to that point, graduates need to take a multi-step path toward a great career. Many graduates choose to use one source for job information, like the Internet or recruiting firms.

However, the most successful graduates rely on gathering information and finding the best career path for them based on all of the facts, not hand picked information.

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