Field Sales Training

One of the best and most lucrative entry level graduate positions in the United Kingdom today is in field sales. There are a number of industries looking for field sales professionals that have the enthusiasm and work ethic it takes to be successful. Pharmaceutical companies rely on field sales professionals to meet with doctors and hospital administrators to sell life saving drugs and supplies. Field sales professionals in the banking industry help commercial and individual clients determine the best resources to maximize their finances. In these fields and dozens of others, field sales professionals are needed to earn companies profits and develop reliable client bases.

However, sales graduates often do not have the experience or polish to go directly into the field sales profession. Graduates interested in field sales jobs should consult with MetaMorphose, one of the best recruiting agencies in the United Kingdom. Sales graduates have been trusting MetaMorphose with their field sales training and development for the last twelve years.

Beginning with the agency's extensive and rigorous application process, graduates interested in field sales are expected to show their professional potential and strong personal attributes. While competing agencies expect their recruits to have the polish and experience necessary to become successful on the first day, MetaMorphose looks for a unique type of sales graduate. The MetaMorphose philosophy on recruiting is that sales graduates can be trained all of the professional tools needed in the field sales profession. The experienced recruiters at MetaMorphose look for inexperienced sales graduates who have a great attitude, a strong work ethic, and other personal skills that cannot be taught.

Field sales recruits who fit the personal skill set that MetaMorphose desires advance onto the agency's extensive field sales training program. The program is facilitated by experienced trainers, many of whom have spent years in the field sales profession before becoming job trainers. Sales graduates are first taught the basic professional skills they will need to be successful in field sales.

Group and individual sessions are held on topics like customer service, organization, business communications, and resource management. After field sales graduates are well grounded on these topics, sales simulations are held in order to integrate theory with practice. Field sales recruits are put through a variety of scenarios to test where they are in the training program and what areas of their sales technique need improvement. The repetitive practice of field sales situations helps both companies and recruits create the best possible field sales experience.

Scott Deane is the Managing Director of meta morphose International, the leader in sales training.

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