Finding IT Training Jobs In The Government Sector

At all levels of government in the UK, there is a need for IT professionals. Departments and agencies need network security professionals to develop tools to block out hackers and eliminate viruses. Other agencies need programmers and designers in order to develop in-house publications and software to be disseminated to other departments or the public. Help desk workers and IT consultants also figure prominently in government agencies, providing general assistance to government workers to ensure an efficient and effective IT network. However, one of the most overlooked IT jobs in the government sector today is in IT training.

IT trainers essentially teach their colleagues, in addition to select clients, how to use certain software programs. Trainers may teach vehicle licensing professionals who to utilise the special program that keeps track of driver's records or they may help inspectors learn how to use their PDAs to file reports in the field. In all, an IT trainer gives important knowledge to thousands of people each year that would otherwise not be able to get their jobs done. However, the dearth of IT trainer jobs at the government level at present can make it difficult to find these positions. One way that IT trainers can get into government service is to work directly with agencies and the civil service.

Trainers can contact their desired agency directly by looking at their website and finding a hiring manager or supervisor in their area. As well, IT professionals interested in training can contact prominent government contractors who employ trainers. In the United Kingdom, the size of the bureaucracy has decreased and private contractors have become more prominent in areas like information technology.

In either event, IT trainers with exceptional backgrounds and a lot of potential can find a direct line to training positions in government. However, these connections may lead nowhere and an IT trainer may need another course. There are plenty of options available for the trainer looking for a dynamic approach to the job hunt. Online job listings are often available for civil service positions, including IT trainers. There are usually published vacancy announcements in newspapers and other publications for the benefit of IT trainers. The final approach for the IT trainer who wants to work in government is through recruitment companies.

Recruitment companies have been used to fill important IT roles in the government over the last few years, in an effort to cut costs and ensure high quality professionals. Recruiting firms can help IT trainers find the right job to meet their professional goals.

Steve Bishop is the Managing Partner of Damia Group. The company specialise in information technology jobs and UK recruitment solutions as well as IT jobs in Europe.

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