Finding Success in a Job Interview

In a job hunt, many questions come up. "What's the right way??" "How do I have to handle??" "Do I have to??" So, what is the "proper" way to handle an occupation hunt? Many are concerned about how aggressive to be in following up once an interview has happened, and others are concerned about when it is the proper time to mail a thank you note. How do I respond? Do what you need to do to succeed, but don't forget your manners and grace. Go and pursue making a successful contact with a firm only after you've completed your investigation and only if you suppose that your talents and skills would be a positive feature for their company. The best organizations require the best possible talent at their disposal, so they tend to be accommodating in any way they can. They many not know every idea and problem solution out there.

Consequently, your ability to inform them of the potential payback will affect your capability to encourage them to mull over your involvement. Preparation and evaluation is where you need to begin. What are the abilities you can put forward? Where is your area of expertise? Do you have any idea of what you can offer to society? Then, when you have answered those questions, research.

Ask yourself which companies and organizations have growth potential and which ones are in need of skills that you can provide. Are you familiar with who, in each firm, are the efficient decision-makers that would take pleasure in the consequences of your assistance? Having contact with specific departments seeking help is of as much importance as talking with a human resources representative. They may be open to novel thoughts and answers because their requirements and potential might not have been reported to their staff recruiting sectors.

Be respectful, but not timid. In communication, the letter needs to be short and focused. Keep all email and phone messages concise, and make them clear and to the point.

Have an opinion and express it. But keep this in mind: It's not about you, it's about them! The resumes, cover letters, and other documents drawn up by job-seekers tend to specify in detail what they want or need. They tend to say anything from "to join a growing, thriving company." to "utilize my skills and abilities". How often does a hiring employer read the same script of commendable goals on hundreds of resumes? (That tells you your likelihood of getting in, doesn't it?) I am aware that I have frequently expressed this to you on the subject of sincerely evaluating your ambitions and targets. Don't end there! Your profession exploration memorandum must articulate that your ambitions match your prospective employers' desires.

It is hard to find a company that will hire anyone who does not either make the company money or save them money. This concept will always be the case, whether you are at the bottom or the top of the corporate ladder. All jobs have some role in the profitability or funding of a for-profit or non-profit organization. Can you complete your roles in the service-provision area of the company resourcefully? Can you provide your job services in the most cost effective way? The real question is can you contribute effectively and efficiently to the bottom line? How do you plan to present you potential contributions to the company of your prospective employer? What is the best way to showcase your abilities in order to get hired? Highlight the contributions and constructive impact you'll be able to make to the company, clearly. Keep in mind, this is not about you, it is about them.

Susan Reynolds is a senior partner at Newmarket Careers, a company with years of experience helping prospective employees find Santa Clarita employment. Using career counseling and resume writing assistance, Susan has helped many in the Los Angeles area find the Santa Clarita jobs they need with the paychecks they deserve.

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