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Since 1992, Quanta has been providing recruitment services to the major sectors of the economy such as the IT, sales, telecommunications, finance, insurance and engineering industries. The company has built an excellent reputation for providing a high quality and personalized service to their individual and corporate clients. Primarily, Quanta operates in the UK because its main offices are located in Hertfordshire and Eire.

This means that Quanta can provide recruitment services to clients in different geo locations in the UK. The relationships with senior management which Quanta fosters enables them to have immediate visibility of opportunities in different UK geo locations. This also enables Quanta to meet the exact requirements of their clients despite where they are located or the geo location where they wish to work. Moreover, Quanta also has a significant presence in the global scene because Quanta is able to provide recruitment services in a global setting. The company has international clients and has placed many candidates in overseas companies. It should be mentioned that the majority of Quanta's global recruitment operations are in European countries such as Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Belgium and Sweden.

In terms of the IT sector, applicants will find that the majority of employers of are hiring are in the UK. This is because the UK has a very strong and lucrative IT market. London particularly tends to have a teeming IT job market.

As such, there are always new IT job vacancies in IT firms and other companies in the finance sector. The IT job market can also be a very competitive one. So in order to increase the chances of securing a position, it is crucial that candidates obtains assistance from a company like Quanta. Again, the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries are two sectors of the economy which Quanta can provide recruitment services.

The UK has the largest bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry in Europe, as it has the highest number of bio-tech and pharmaceutical companies in the continent. This means that the majority of employers hiring will be located in the UK. The bio-tech or pharmaceutical applicant will no doubt be presented with job opportunities in places like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. Regardless of what geo location a client requires recruitment services for, Quanta has years of experience and the expertise to provide professional advice and guidance. They are able to guarantee you a successful recruitment solution.

Stephen Trigg is the CEO of Quanta Consultancy Services, the leader provider of Recruitment consultancy.

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