How To Get the Best Use out of Recruitment Agencies

Here are some tips on how to get the best out of using recruitment agencies to find your ideal job:- * Talk to a few recruitment agencies before deciding which to register with. If they are an online recruitment agency, have a good look through their website. See if they offer the services that you require and if they deal with your type of skills or the type of job that you are looking for. * If you have to go for an interview to register with the recruitment agency, treat it like a real job interview. * Ask the agency to let you know which companies they have sent your CV out to so that you can gauge the response rate.

* Consider whether you need to use a specialist recruitment agency for your needs. For example, if you are a software programmer then you may want to use a recruitment agency who specialise in IT jobs. * Keep in touch with the recruitment agency so you know what is going on and how many employers they have contacted.

* Be proactive. Ask recruitment agencies for advice on your CV and applications, take advantage of the services they offer e.g. help in preparing a CV or with interview techniques.

* Be clear as to what kind of position you are looking for, locations you will consider, salary requirements etc. * Act quickly on any emails or telephone calls you receive from recruitment agencies. You don't want to miss out on the perfect job.

* Let your recruitment agencies know of any changes in your circumstances or requirements. * Keep your CV up to date and make sure that you mention all your skills, training and qualifications. Remember to update it with any change of address, telephone or mobile number and to let the recruitment agency know of these changes. * Don't use too many recruitment agencies - you don't want employers to be inundated with multiple copies of your CV! * Ask your recruitment agency about the current job market and what salary you can expect to achieve. * Give recruitment agencies feedback on the positions that they are matching you with. Recruitment agencies are not psychic and need to know if these positions are not what you are looking for.

* A recruitment agency will not charge a job seeker for finding him/her a job but may charge for extra services like polishing your CV. Always ask what their charges are before using a service. * Evaluate regularly whether a particular recruitment agency is finding any suitable agencies. If you are not hearing anything from them, shop around and register with other recruitment agencies.

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