How To Make a Job Search More Fun

Whether you love them or hate them, at some point in our lives, all of us have to go through the dreaded job search. Have you noticed how difficult it becomes finding work as you get older too? I found myself unemployed at 39 and thought I'd walk into another job within a couple of weeks. Well, there were plenty of vacancies around but despite my carefully prepared resume and well written cover letter, I got but 1 reply to 25 applications over a 3 month period and that was just a simple thanks but no thanks.Of course, this was a good few years ago now and the medium for finding new work was via the employment agencies, the local rags, or word by mouth. It's so much different these days with the opportunities unveiled with that information super highway.

I could have done with a bit of electronic assistance back when I was out of work. It's so much faster than the postal service and much easier to research and follow up too.Despite this, a job search is still seen as a necessary evil to many folks. A painful and humiliating process that makes them despise themselves with each rejection or ignored application.

There are some people, however, that love a good job search. Some employment seekers just can't resist bouncing in and out of different jobs and positions, as they continue setting themselves up for new challenges and or promotions. It is possible to take the sting, the monotony, and the fear out of a job search.

Here are a few suggestions on turning this loathing task into one you love.Okay, so just how do we turn a job search into a less disturbing or intimidating prospect. Well, provided you follow a few basic instructions and guidelines, you can make your job search one heck of a lot more exciting and interesting.The first big tip of a successful job search is to network.

It might be the buzz word of the day, but networking should not be underestimated as a valuable string to your job search bow. You need to get to know as many people in the industry you are targeting as well in allied industries. This way, you will be more likely to hear about your dream job much sooner than anyone else does.It's a fact that many jobs advertised in publications and on company notice board are taken even before the positions even go puublic. Statistically, it's something like 80%.

The reason they are still advertised is a legal one. By law, a new job vacancy should be advertised fairly and for duration before it is filled. Even though a company will know who's filling the position before hand, they still have to go through this procedure to keep the workers rights brigades off of their backs.The great thing about networking is that it's simple. You just need to join up with a number of clubs and associations that are related to the industry in question. As an example, if say advertising is where you want to be, find out more about the eligibility requirements of the Ad Club in your region.

If there are frequent informal meeting of the ad crowd in certain restaurants/pubs in your locality, try to get invited and if you can't, invite yourself somehow. You can also attend seminars and conferences of interest to people in your targeted profession and this way, you could make your job search not just interesting, but fulfilling as well. I'm assuming you're looking for a job that you have a genuine interest in and not just a job for the sake of making a few bob of course.

But there's not just networking. If networking doesn't work for you, you can rely on the proficiency of good consultancy firm to help you land your dream position. Consultants can really be an essential element of any good job search as they work closely with the various industries.

A final tip is to comb online world of classifieds for temporary jobs vacancies. Most companies start off by offering smaller, part-time gigs, and short-term contracts, but if you get in and prove yourself as an asset, you will often be offered a full time post after a period of time.Whichever method you go for, remember that a job search is only as interesting as you make it. If you convince yourself it's going to be nothing but stress and strife from the outset, then that's what you'll get. Concentrate your time and effort into a smart job search as opposed to a conventional job search and you will surely see the difference.


Jill Crute is a freelance writer, webmaster, traveler, and dietitian. Jill has recently written a couple of pieces on using the internet to search. You can view her articles at EnoughSearch.Com where she has already submitted a couple of pieces including a useful article entitled Find Perfect Job Opportunities On-line..

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By: Jill Crute

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