Landing The Perfect Aerospace Engineering Job

The field of aerospace engineering is a competitive one to enter for new graduates and those switching engineering specialities. The reasons for the high barriers to entry are fairly obvious. The work that is done by aerospace engineers, namely the design of airplanes and defence equipment, is incredibly important to the national and international economy and national security. As such, aerospace engineers need to be intimately familiar with advanced technical concepts while possessing an ability to maintain confidentiality. As well, aerospace engineers need to be able to think outside of the box, as it were, to come up with creative engineering solutions. An aerospace engineer that has all of these skills may still find it tough to find the perfect aerospace engineering job.

Indeed, the job market can be quite tight for aerospace professionals due to the ups and downs of government contracting and the general economy. However, there are a few sure-fire ways in which an aerospace engineer can land their dream job. One approach for an aerospace engineer looking for their first big break in the industry is to look specifically at internships and graduate training programs. These programs can often be found in the private sector, with aerospace companies looking to develop the next generation of engineers with the knowledge to replace the older generation.

While these positions may not pay as much as other entry level positions, an aerospace engineer needs to look at the experience and knowledge built up as more than acceptable forms of payment. For those who want to avoid being stuck in a graduate training program, in particular those with some aerospace experience behind them, seeking project work is a great approach. Government agencies and private aerospace firms often work with project engineers and engineering staff on a specific project where additional manpower is needed. While these types of positions are certainly short term, some come with the possibility of longer term work or additional projects in the future. Experienced professionals need to look at project work as a way of building a client list, which can be used on a CV or to leverage companies for higher project wages.

Aerospace engineers need to consider every option carefully before settling into a job. A young and single aerospace professional should consider temporary work overseas when possible, as it will help them build experience while gaining a new perspective on the world. By demonstrating an interest in the field itself rather than its benefits, an aerospace engineer will find themselves with plenty of opportunities.

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