Logistics Recruitment For UK Graduates

The average UK university student knows all too well the job recruitment circus that comes to their campus every year. Recruiters, representatives, and interviewers from companies big and small enter campuses and auditoriums in order to gather in the best talent in the region before they graduate from university. Graduates interested in fields like logistics feel pressure to find the right job before graduation day. However, they need to realize that this pressure is an important component of success in logistics positions. Recruiters and their employing companies work so hard at the university level in order to cultivate a multigenerational workforce. After all, logistically speaking, it would not be very intelligent to have a workforce comprised entirely of highly experienced professionals at the end of their careers.

Logistics aspirants who are confronted by aggressive recruiters should look at their sales pitch as an opportunity for professional success, not another opportunity that sounds too good to be true. Indeed, if a logistics graduate asks a recruiter or interviewer a frank question, they will often get the answers they need. While companies are interested in generating a high volume of applications, recruiters are typically young enough to know the problems of current university students. Inquiries into the daily life of a logistics worker or questions regarding advancement opportunities will usually lead to an interesting discussion that may push a graduate towards a particular job. As well, the recruiting round robin that graduates go through allows them to gain a greater appreciation for their skills. Logistics graduates, with their mixture of business acumen and creativity, can gain a wide perspective of the job market by utilizing the recruiting process.

Students and graduates need to realize that speaking to a recruiter is not a commitment beyond the beginning and end of the conversation. Discussions with multiple recruiters allow logistics professionals to get an idea of what they can do professionally. Finally, the recruiting process for logistics professionals allows a young worker to refine their skills. Repeated discussions with interview are not simply casual conversations but are impromptu interviews of character and communications skills.

Graduates who make mistakes or feel uncomfortable in early interviews can improve through practice. As well, the opportunity to speak with a logistics recruiter allows a graduate to determine what they need to do in order to get ready for the early portion of their career. In all of these respects, a logistics aspirant should see opportunities instead of burdens.

Mark Doherty is a Director of Alexander Chapel Associates. A specialist sales recruitment company with a focus in IT sales jobs, logistics jobs and supply chain recruitment.

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