Methods of Assessment in Technical Recruitment

Every manufacturing, computer science and technical professional should know evaluation tools used in technical recruitment. The application process is stressful enough for applicants of all experience levels before considering the tools used to evaluate their skills. You can alleviate stress and anxiety during technical recruitment interviews by anticipating these tools and brushing up on specific skill sets. One of the basic tests used in technical recruitment is hand/eye dexterity.

The essential test used by technical recruitment firms to test manual dexterity is the keyboard test. Your ability to type a high number of words per minute demonstrates your physical abilities in the workplace. Many recruitment firms still use old-fashioned tests like assembling puzzles and picking up small parts to test hand/eye dexterity. Many technical recruitment firms test applicants on basic office suites before they proceed to the next level of recruitment.

Your ability to use spreadsheets, word processors and publishing software will qualify your application for a certain percentage of jobs through a technical recruiter. These uniform tests compare multiple applicants under the same criteria for the benefit of hiring companies. A good way to prepare for office suite tests is running through tutorials on your home computer before arriving for an interview. Your applications for specific technical and computer programming positions will be compared to your performance in using specific programmes.

A CAD expert must run through basic CAD programmes before they receive work with construction companies. It is difficult to prepare for this section of your technical recruitment interview due to the high expense of specialty programmes. You can review promotional materials as well as online manuals for specialty programmes to get in the right mind set for tests on industry-specific software.

Many recruiters will assess the level of knowledge a technical applicant possesses in vocabulary necessary for daily work. A technical recruiter who has experience in your industry will tease out keywords and phrases during your interview that are common in the workplace. This section of your interview is also designed to weed out technical applicants who cannot keep pace in high-pressure industries. One way to prepare for this evaluation process is speaking with experienced technical professionals in your industry. A software development engineer can provide a young applicant insight into the industry unavailable to entry-level workers and interns.

This portion of the interview may be most important for employers who receive thousands of applications for a single position and want an immediate impact from their hire.

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