NonTraditional Career Advice Start JobHopping

Remember when job-hopping was anathema? Well, you better take today's hot new non-traditional career advice . . . start job-hopping! Things have changed. The economy is booming, Younger job seekers are much more ambitious and almost instinctively understand that if they want to get ahead,.

. . if they're heading for the top, they have to job hop. It's really all part of the 21st Century job market and the dramatic changes that have occurred especially since 9/11 and Katrina.

The old-fashioned job search approaches simply don't work anymore. If you've been busy writing a traditional resume and then mass distributing it to job sites, job listings, a bunch of companies, some agencies and recruiters . . . well, you already know what I mean. You're probably sitting around nervously waiting for the phone to ring.

Or hoping today's mail will bring that priceless invitation to an interview instead of the more usual TNT (thanks-but-no-thanks) letter. Non-traditional career advice is the solution to your job search dilemma. It makes you get in tune with today's sophisticated job marketplace. You need to understand the employers aren't interested in what you used to do for someone else (as outlined in your resume). They expect you to come forward with some understanding of the corporate goals are. And they are impressed when you've done your research and come up with an ability to address your next boss' personal requirements.

This evidence of your commitment to excellence goes much further than a resume. It's just another piece of non-traditional career advice. So does a commitment to job-hopping.

Curtis Crawford, author of "Corporate Rise: The X Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership," advises that the more versatile you are, the more likely you are to move up. What's more, he recommends: 1. Don't be afraid to be visibly ambitious. In the past, ambition was confused with arrogance and ruthlessness--getting to the top at any cost.

Ambition is achieving your goal the right way--honestly, ethically, all the while gaining the respect of your subordinates, peers and management. 2. Avoid getting stuck in one job.

Avoid becoming a specialist which means you're pigeonholed as being able to do only one thing well. That specialist thinking flew years ago--but not anymore. 3. Make significant contributions.

Just moving through different jobs is not enough. Take jobs that provide platforms for you to make significant contributions. It means getting involved in critical areas such as product development, financial management, technological improvements, or improving production or distribution.

This departure from old-fashioned thinking is just one of the many exciting pieces of non-traditional career advice. It's part of the amazing new alternative thinking that is consistent with expectations in today's job marketplace!.

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