Nurses are a Dedicated Group

The nursing field deserves a lot of gratitude and respect for what they do and go through to get there. The men and women in the nursing field go through a great deal of schooling that would include detailed classes with graphic pictures and examples. That does not include all the hours of internship and state exams that they must go through and pass before they graduate. Their schooling is not the only thing that is very time consuming when you would have to make sure that you study for all the tests and preparing for all the state boards test that you must pass to be considered in the nursing field. This is a dedicated group of men and women that is willing to take the time to go through the schooling to achieve just what they wanted to do in life.

They not only have been rewarded in getting the certificate that says they have graduated from school they will also be rewarded every time that they are able to help a patient. Whether the patient is in any kind of discomfort they will be rewarded by relaying all information that they have received from the patient to the doctors then the proper diagnosis will be found and taken properly take of. Wouldn't you think that would be a good feeling knowing that you have helped a doctor with a patient? Even if it just might be taking their blood pressure, pulse, and talking to him or her before the doctor comes in the room. Yet there is still a problem with the nursing field, there are just not enough nurses in the area.

If one person would be will to join the nursing field a month I still do not think that there would be enough nurses out there. Every one seems to have some kind of an excuse of why they cannot go to school and join the nursing field. Some people may say that they don't have the time to go to school for the nursing field or they may not have the funds to do it either. Nursing is a job where passion is required. A person will not be able to stay in this profession for a long time unless the person have the passion and compassion for the patient.

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