Online job searching in Malaysia has grown tremendously

The nature of job seeking has changed tremendously over the years. While the conventional method of job searching that involves resume deposit with job recruitment agencies and through classified newspaper advertisements, no one can disregard the power of online job searching. In the last 2 years, internet users in Malaysia has quadrupled and this is expected to continue to increase with the major infrastructure being upgraded and incentives put in place for more internet uptake among the citizens in both rural and urban areas. This landscape has affected job searching and recruitment to a large extend that, it has increased the online job search market 4 times. The shift in online job seeking has since moved on to other new media like mobile phone job applications which are more convenient and easy for both job seekers and employers.

Job matching sites are now offering SMS based job subscription as value added services for job seekers where applications can be made through the mobile network. Research has shown that jobseekers have been very receptive to innovative services like these due to its convenience and confidentiality. On the other hand, job sites provide the same convenience to employers as they no longer need to go through immense screening process or resume reviews. Matching engines in the sites would do the work for them. Online job recruitment are convenient and would be able to look for all types of jobs in all levels from Executives to C Level positions. The job seeking industry had often been a dynamic and fast paced sector.

As one of the leading job sites in the country, Portal Jawatan Kosong has been in this area of expertise to help both job seekers and job employers in finding their matches. The convenience of job application online are no longer something in the future and is now part and parcel of a common lifestyle provided for in this site. People are now enjoying the comfort of applying jobs from the computers and mobile phones.

Diana Neoh is the editor for Portal Jawatan Kosong Jawatan Kosong. You can find more news at

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