Online Recruitment Issues

Online Recruitment is a relatively new phenomenon, but as with most new age technologies, it is one that is rapidly growing. Multinational corporations are taking full advantage of the gold mine of prospective employees that the Internet offers. However, as with any form of recruitment, there are issues to contemplate. There are two main issues where online recruitment is concerned.

The first issue is how do you attract the attention of the passive job seeker: that is, the job seeker who is not actively using job boards or search engines to look for jobs? In order to dominate the online recruitment market and gain the best employees, the company needs to have an edge over the competition when it comes to attracting employees. There are different ways to do this, ranging from referral networks and community sites to blogs. The company needs to be noticed by the passive job seeker, and noticed first. The second issue is the anonymity offered by the Internet. There is a distinct advantage in meeting a prospective employee before employing them, for example via an interview. Through the use of the Internet, people have a much easier time of exaggerating certain character traits, and hiding others.

Basically, there is an increased chance of recruiting someone who does not fit the criteria for the job than there is if s/he were to be recruited through the traditional methods of application and interview. However, there are also advantages of using professional online recruiting services, increasingly becoming the industry leaders in job recruitment. The online recruitment services provided by recruiters give companies the ability to cover a much larger spectrum of job seekers and to obtain speed of communication.

An online recruitment service also guarantees that graduates have an increased chance of securing suitable roles. At this junction, it should also be mentioned that very few recruitment companies have the same specialist knowledge and experience as the leading recruiting agencies in the UK. As previously stated, online recruitment is a relatively new phenomenon, and that must be kept in mind. It is expected that there will be issues to tackle.

Unfortunately the issues faced by online recruitment combine to make a complex problem that will take effort and initiative to overcome, and will be definitive in separating the highly qualified candidates from the weak. However, there is no doubt that the help of an online recruitment services, there are undeniable benefits to both job seeking graduates and companies.

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