Procrastination Help in Great Flavors

Our motivation is often based on something as changing as our emotions. If this is the case, we may be in trouble - simply because none of us really controls our emotions. For this reason we may need some procrastination help. Wondering why you often experience diminishing motivation toward a project will probably not help very many. Instead, the object of our focus should be on what kind of procrastination help we can get to enable us to complete more projects. Here are 5 tips to help you finish what you have started.

1. Evaluate Your Projects Instead of letting the clutter, or lists, of unfinished projects get bigger and bigger, here is something that can be done. Write them all down - if you have not this done already.

Then determine which of the projects do not need to be done at all - because of some circumstance or other. By way of example, if one project on your list was to fix your son's bike - but he has a car, now, you can probably put that one on hold for a while. 2.

Place Them In Order Of Priority This should be easy to do. Just look at the list and see which ones need to be tackled first. Some of them will have a higher priority than others, or someone else (a mate) maybe pushing a little on you to do it. 3. Determine The Next Step As you look over your list, you will discover that some of them may require parts, tools, or supplies that you do not have now.

Or, they may require consulting with some one else, if it is a major job, or if you don't know how to do it. On your piece of paper, write down the next step for each of them. Also write down a time estimation for each. Here is where you might be able to save some time. If, more than one of these projects includes supplies you don't have, put all of them on a list. When you go to that store next, you can provide all the materials you may need for two or three projects, and you will know that they are ready for you to work on them.

Another time saver might be similar projects. For instance, if one project is to fix the leaky cold water inlet line to your kitchen sink,and another one is to fix the leaky shower faucet, then you should probably do them at the same time. Neither one will take a lot of time, and the tools needed for both projects are the same.

4. Set Aside Time For These Projects Notice the operating words here - "these projects." Unless something comes up that really should take top priority, you should relegate all future projects to a back burner, until these are finished.

Procrastination help begins to take place when you stop putting off the things you have been putting off. Now, look at your schedule, and calendar, and select a time when you will begin to do these things. Any excuse is further procrastination. 5. Finish Them Before You Start New Ones This is rather obvious, but essential. It could also be said that you should finish one before you start another, but this may not be so.

One project may have several steps, and the other one might be completed in a short period of time. These procrastination help tips will help you if you are willing to start with number one and see it to completion.

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