Quanta A Leading Recruitment Agency In The UK

For new graduates and experienced professionals alike, finding the right job can be a tough task. With more people gaining university educations and higher standards applied by human resources departments throughout all industrial sectors, getting a new job or a whole new career can be tough. However, with the right tools and the right connections, anyone with a good work ethic and a bright head on their shoulders can get their ideal job. Professionals looking for a new job should consult with Quanta Consultancy Services, one of the leading recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom. When Quanta opened their doors in 1992, their experienced recruiters and consultants were experts in placing information technology workers in the finance and telecommunications markets. In their nearly fifteen years of recruiting work, Quanta has expanded to cover a variety of jobs covering most industrial sectors in the United Kingdom.

Whether it is a job in banking, chemical engineering, or publishing, Quanta has the connections and tools to make any employee a success. Beginning with their thorough application and interview process, Quanta ensures their contracting employers that they will receive the finest quality employees in the United Kingdom. Once recruits are accepted by Quanta, they are given training through the QuantaSensus training suite. With programs covering organizational skills, resource management, and interpersonal communications, professionals of all experience levels will be prepared for their placements. For contract workers, Quanta can provide a wide variety of temporary positions that will open new employment possibilities.

Those looking for permanent employment and career type positions will find a great range of options available to them that may not be available otherwise. Quanta's commitment to providing their employing and employed clients with the highest level of service means that they will work hard to find the right combination. A client in the defense contracting field who needs someone with strong analytical skills will receive a Quanta-trained employee who is ready for their first day of work. Employers looking for temporary customer service representatives for the holiday season will have bright, enthusiastic professionals placed in time to meet demand.

While many recruiters provide simple and generic training for all of their employees, Quanta's highly skilled trainers, consultants, and recruiters will work to meet industrial demands. With a flexible array of training sessions, employees can fit professional development into their busy work schedules. As well, companies can be assured that their employees are learning vital skills that will be immediately applied to the work place.

Stephen Trigg is the CEO of Quanta Consultancy Services, the leader provider of Recruitment Company.

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