Recruiters Part of Your Job Search

Should you use recruiters during your job search?.First, let's take one step back.I began working as a recruiter in 2000 and I quickly realized that not everyone knows exactly what a recruiter does or what the protocol is when working with one.Recruiters get paid to help companies find new staff.

Recruiters work on jobs that companies can't find staff for and attempt to locate a small number of job searchers to put in front of the hiring manager for consideration for the job.A recruiter needs an open job to work on and obviously then needs to go out and find a great candidate (ie. you!) to fill the position.If you decide to work with recruiters, I usually suggest working with a small handful of them, perhaps 3-4.Keep in mind that recruiters are paid by the hiring company, not the job searcher so I always suggest using recruiters to supplement your job search as opposed to relying on them to find a job for you.

A recruiter's job is to fill the job, not to get you a job specifically so keep this in mind.Recruiters ? good ones ? can put jobs in front of you that you might otherwise not have heard of and can also assist you with preparing for interviews with their clients and can often add value in ways you don't realize the value of, until you get a job through one of them!.In order to get the most value out of recruiters, have an up to date and professional looking resume ready, have a list of references in mind that you can use during the reference check phase, and keep an open mind with regards to considering various jobs and eventually, job offers, that come your way through a recruiter.A good recruiter will also help you negotiate a job offer and will help you resign from your current employer once you get a new job through them.


Carl Mueller is an Internet entrepreneur and professional recruiter who has written an ebook for career-minded individuals:

By: Carl Mueller

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