Recruitment Challenges in the UK

Just like every other sector, the UK recruitment sector has its own challenges, which it has to overcome in order to thrive. One of the major problems which the UK recruitment sector is facing is the lack of suitable candidates. It would appear that many small recruitment companies are discovering that an increasing number of their candidates have academic qualifications without work experience. As a result, these companies opt to favor candidates who have a certain amount of work experience and vocational qualifications. The UK recruitment sector seems to be facing a rather problematic skills crisis.

The industry is also struggling to come up with the right academic qualifications-experience formula for selecting suitable candidates. The challenge translates into the fact that recruitment firms have a small pool of candidates to select from. Furthermore, there is a danger that too many inexperienced, university educated candidates are being overlooked.

This has the potential to be detrimental to the labor force as a whole, because statistically, in the long run, candidates with academic qualifications tend to have a higher productivity and a richer skills set than other candidates. Another challenge which the UK recruitment industry is facing lies in the fact that owners and managers of recruitment firms have inadequate expertise to screen and recruit talented staff for their clients. The percentage of recruiters within the industry who have no interview training is quite simply staggering. The main issue here is that many firms are finding in it very difficult to employ skilled staff. However, it does seem as though there is a different scenario in the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing industry has managed to close the skills gap with the aid of new training programs, both in academic institutions and on the job. These challenges which the UK recruitment industry is currently facing has meant that many business leaders are now calling for the government to invest more in promoting skills training. Without a doubt, this challenge is not going to be overcome overnight, but with the right education and training policies, there will be some improvements. It is worth mentioning that in order to fully overcome these challenges, firms will have to invest more in sending their employees on training courses at local colleges. The rising costs of recruiting staff also constitutes a significant portion of the challenges the UK recruitment industry is facing. Firms will have to start creating effective measures through which these costs can be reduced.

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