Resume Killers Overused Words That Turn Employers Off

Most of the time job candidates do not have an updated resume when they need one. When the opportunity arises, whether it is a planned job hunt or one that occurs in a crisis mode, it's easy to fall into a trap of using a resume template as a guideline because you are eager to have one prepared.Unfortunately, that does not allow you to showcase your individual skill set at its best. The resume you copy might be tired, trite and not on point to your potential employer. The resume is the first real look an employer has at you as a prospective employee.

If your resume fails to convey why they should hire, you will never get to the second step: the interview. If you don't get past this stage where they actually read your resume, you won't get a second chance to strut your stuff.Resume writing is a difficult task. It is hard to evaluate yourself objectively and present your skills and attributes in the most favorable light without seeming to be boastful.

Speaking about oneself in a positive manner on paper is very hard for most people to do. It's not easy to demonstrate what you have accomplished without sounding like a litany from a CV or, at worst, a complete ego trip. But don't ever forget this one fact: it's OK to sound extraordinary or even immodest about your accomplishments on your resume. Remember, you want the job don't you?.It is important to have a current resume that's on target and contemporary, but unfortunately many writers fall into the trap of using buzz words or jargon because they think it makes them sound hip or in style. Think of all those expressions that "totally, like," annoy you.

The same is true with the words used to craft a resume. If the word/s is bandied about by every candidate, it ceases to have any relevant connotations to the reader. Phrases that once worked as positive adjectives have become so common place that they impacts your resume in a negative way. For example, reliable, resourceful, self motivated and other overused nomenclature don't cut it. When you use this language you become a candidate like the rest of the pack. Sadly, that is where you will remain unless you "spice" up your resume with more descriptive verbiage.

Tip:.A great tool is a thesaurus. If the word you want to use is overdone, look up the synonym.

Many times you will find a word that is a lot more powerful.In order to stand out in a crowded pile of resumes, don't start flinging words about that put you back into the resume swell with the masses. Avoid sounding like every one else. Jargon is not cool unless there is no other way to describe what you do.

Consider action words that create a visual picture about what you have done and avoid trite phrases that everyone uses. Demonstrate to your reader that you have the necessary abilities to meet their needs. Make them understand that hiring you will be an asset not a liability.Forget the fact that you are an ambitious, detail oriented, hardworking, motivated, team player. Write what you really do.

What have you accomplished in your last job in terms of quantifiable outcomes? Make the reader visualize your last task and how you facilitated a positive outcome. After reading your resume, the employer should want to know more about you.Think about how you can differentiate yourself when you start writing. Here are a few additional overused phrases not to include in your resume. Aggressive, Competent, Creative, Determined, Efficient, Experienced, Flexible, Goal-oriented, Independent, Innovative, Knowledgeable, Logical, Motivated, Meticulous, People person, Professional, Successful, Well-organized.Tip:.

Let someone who knows nothing about your job read your resume. See if it compels them to learn more about you.Remember that when employers read your resume you want them to move you to the top of the pile, not bury you with all the rest of the boring sound alike resumes. So think about the words that could be your "resume killer." If you find them in your resume, retool it and give it new life.

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By: JoAnn Hines

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