Seeing The World By Rail International Jobs In The Railway Industry

There are few better ways to see the world than from the comfortable seat of a passenger train. From the rolling hills of Europe to the beautiful mountainsides of Asia, the slow pace of the train allows sight seeing and relaxing away from the rigors of work. For drivers, engineers, and guards, the experience of seeing new places while doing a job they love is a motivating force to get involved in the railway industry. It is important to understand the international job market for railway professionals before leaping head first into a job in a far away place. The best place to consult market information for international railways is by consulting with several governing bodies.

The International Union of Railways and the International Union of Public Transport, for example, provide information on transit and cargo railways throughout Europe. One of the best places to find work in the railway industry is in Japan. The six Japan Railways companies, along with the extensive subway and monorail systems, employ hundreds of thousands of railway professionals to keep it running smoothly. Since the railway is the key manner of transit for travelers and residents alike, the railway is revered in Japan as a key part of daily life. Japanese railway positions require high technical aptitude, as the Japanese rail system features bullet trains and the cutting edge of railway technology. Another great place to work for railway professionals looking for international work is mainland Europe.

Austria features a strong railway network called the OBB, which is improving daily and requires skilled engineers and maintenance staff. Denmark's DSB system is surprisingly sophisticated in order to deal with the small land area that it covers, with rail management professionals needed to maintain an efficient system. One of the biggest railway systems in the world, and one of the largest employers of rail professionals, is the state run Russian's railway, Russian Railways.

The railway covers nearly 85,000 kilometers and employees more than a million engineering professionals to keep it running efficiently. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to working in Russia is that some of the destinations are old industrial centers or out of the way places that are not entirely exotic. However, Russian companies rely on Russian Railways to transport goods and personnel to locations in outlying areas. This reliance means a consistent need for qualified professionals, which makes Russian Railways a secure move professionally.

Mark Murphy, Business Unit Director for Wynnwith Rail, a leading provider of Railroad Jobs.

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