Selling A Piece Of Yourself As A Product Marketing Manager

In the automotive industry, product marketing is key to the success of individual firms. As any consumer in the United Kingdom can attest to, the number of automotive advertisements in print, television and the Internet is difficult to assess without a calculator. Product marketing also takes the form of more subtle methods, including contests for free vehicles and product placement in television shows in order to avoid obvious advertising. Managers at product marketing departments throughout the United Kingdom have a tough task on their hands.

After all, auto firms have to compete in the general marketplace for the attention of consumers. As well, they need to compete with international auto makers in terms of attention in the specific market sector. Finally, product marketing managers need to work with designers and business people on how to find creative marketing solutions in every media.

The most important way in which a product marketing manager can ensure success in their field is to think of each product they advertise as a part of themselves. Personalising automobiles and other products allows a marketing manager to develop campaigns that make them proud. While it may be difficult to personalise something like an automobile, it is necessary to build the best marketing materials.

One way that a product marketing manager can sell a piece of themselves in each campaign is to observe the production process from start to finish. By observing the production of the item they are marketing, they become better connected to the production aspect of their employing firm. Indeed, automotive firms will encourage product marketing professionals to check out finished vehicles in order to find areas that should be highlighted in marketing campaigns.

Another way that a marketing manager can personalise the automotive marketing program is to ensure that every piece of material has a little bit of their imprint on it. This means that a product marketing manager develops a calling card or signature marketing tool that can be identified in the firm's various marketing efforts. For example, a professional may use a certain type of font in product market campaigns that expresses their creativity. These small touches can make a product marketing manager proud of their work while feeling like the success of their employer is in some small part due to their efforts. In order to maintain focus, exceed expectations, and succeed in their jobs, product marketing managers need to bring a little of themselves into every part of their job.

Richard Taylor Edwards is the Managing Director of Talisman Executive, a specialist recruitment agency for construction careers and construction jobs in the UK and Europe.

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