Should You Consider Career Counseling

Do you still remember what you wanted to be then? An astronaut perhaps, or a doctor? Or a postal worker perhaps. With this, it is meant what you wanted to be when you were about three or five years old. It is probably safe to assume that you somehow have an inkling of what you want to be now, right? If not, then you could probably consider a career counseling. It has been said that if ever one does not know where one should be going, then you will most probably end up in a different career. Thanks to career counseling, it enables one to focus on where one should be going and just how it is to go there. A career counselor helps you to gain a broader perspective on yourself, your educational background and the possible career path that you could take.

Always remember that is never too late to start on planning your career. College or university choice Believe or not, the choice of whether pursuing education through a college or university depends on you. Certain colleges for instance provide an education that is career oriented.

This works especially for those types of people who need a balance between focusing on a job and education for the advancement of their career. There are programs that last for two, three years or just for one year. Meanwhile, there are universities that provide science and arts program with a small number of specific and professional job programs.

Programs in universities usually last a lot longer, about three or four years, or probably more. These are also tailored to students who enjoy studying just for the sake of it. Also, a university education is mostly a requirement for jobs such as a lawyer, doctor, or teachers.

Apprenticeship choice and vocational schools There are also apprenticeships that are now available that students could readily take. Believe it or not, occupations that offer higher rates of pay are those that require skills. Vocational schools have a range of choices and options that students could choose from. Schools such as these emphasize career training similar to those in colleges, but their programs are a lot shorter. Of course, since these schools are not subsidized by governments, their tuition fees cost a lot more. Students should be aware that vocational schools are good and that are bad.

Of course, these types of school works well for those students who are in a hurry. Schools that lead to direct employment This type of school is the usual choice for most students in the secondary level. Records show that for one hundred students in the secondary level, about thirty of these will drop out and go to work. Meanwhile, eighteen of these will study in university and about fourteen will go to college, and about two will be under apprenticeship.

Therefore, approximately sixty six from these one hundred students will be entering the work force and get jobs that pay well. Of course, there will be others who could try a lot of other jobs until they find that one job that fits them well. These types of persons are usually browsing for a career, in that they move from one job to the next. Of course, the reality is that most companies now require education, this applies even to jobs that are in the entry level. Any options a student has to better their chances must be thought of carefully.

Why choose career counseling A career counselor can help a student see the maze of choices and possibilities that are available and finally choose the one that best suits them. Be aware though that a career counselor does not choose a career for you. What they do is provide students with an evaluation of their skills and abilities as well as the work that are available out there. Career counseling is not easy, but going through it sometimes could lead to possibly successful career choices.

Be self- aware One stage of career counseling is helping students establish self- awareness. At this stage, any of your interests, skills, values, abilities, personal sensibilities, will have to be discovered. The questions commonly asked in this stage include; what are the activities you most enjoy doing? What are you good at? Questionnaires can help in providing an objective perspective on aspects about yourself. By this stages end, any information relevant to your career needs are summarized.

The implications of these results should mean something to you. All in all, career counseling will work to your advantage if you let it. All you need is an open mind to accept possibilities yet a determined focus to be what you think you want to be.

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