Taking Advantage of the Growing Market for Environmental Jobs

A combination of public concern, international regulation and pragmatic resources management has led to a growth in environmental jobs. Graduates who are concerned about the state of the environment are no longer confined to protests and letter writing. There are a number of jobs throughout the United Kingdom and Europe for graduates with an extensive knowledge of environmental issues.

You need to set your expectations and approach employers that fit your profile for an ideal workplace. If your experience lies in architecture and construction, the home renovation market may be an important area for your job search. Home owners throughout the world are moving beyond traditional renovation methods in order to save on energy costs. Your interest in solar panels and your hands-on experience on construction sites can help you build new roofs for home owners. Other positions in the home renovation market include construction work around current structures and foreman positions that are given a mandate to recycle building materials.

Your expertise may lie in the area of city and national environmental regulations governing water runoff and building standards. This expertise can be best used in regulatory positions within a government agency. Agencies assigned the task of studying industrial waste, the efficiency of government environmental programmes and adherence to air pollution standards are looking for new graduates every year. You need to possess a keen eye for detail as well as an objectivity in enforcing policies to succeed in compliance positions.

The influences of human beings and industry on the environment are still not entirely known. Government agencies, private laboratories and universities hire environmental scientists to provide narrowly focussed research on major issues. You can explore the infiltration of invasive species into local waters and determine climate changes on an international level as an environmental researcher.

These positions require advanced degrees in environmental science and biology to get your foot in the door. In every environmental job available today, there is an unspoken standard of quality needed from every graduate. Scientists, builders and regulatory inspectors need to adhere to the scientific method in exploring environmental problems.

There are few breakthroughs in environmental science without rigorous testing, attempts at refutation and publication of results for public consumption. You need to be prepared to spend years on a single environmental issue in order to build your credibility while helping keep the public aware of potential problems with air, water and soil.

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