The Advantages Of Temporary Airline Employment

Graduates in the United Kingdom often seek out long term positions right after their university days. Indeed, the promise of higher education is that permanent positions and career options are readily available from the first day after graduation. However, many airlines and other aviation companies are turning toward temporary and seasonal positions in order to firm up their financial bottom line. Ticket agents, mechanics, and facilities professionals are among the workers who are often hired during the winter and summer holiday season to ensure flights get off the ground on time. However, airlines aren't the only ones to gain advantage from temporary airline employment.

Graduates should seek project airline work for a variety of reasons. The major advantage of working temporary positions within an airline is that experience is king. In the United Kingdom and other major transportation hubs, airlines and airports need to distinguish themselves in anyway possible. One of the ways which airlines are set apart from the competition is by hiring experienced professionals. As such, young professionals need to build up a strong CV before delving into their career.

Temporary positions allow workers to get an inside look at the airline industry and build the credentials needed to break into their ideal profession. However, experience is not everything in the airline industry. Professionals also need to develop muscle memory and first hand experience with the specific task that they will perform over their career. Ticket agents need to deal with customers first hand and understand general aviation policies before making a career out of customer service. Mechanics need to get their hands on repair equipment and fix machinery in real time in order to get the full experience. Temporary airline employment is ideal for young professionals who want to get their feet wet in the industry without settling on the first job offered to them.

Graduates and young aviation professionals should also see temporary airline employment as an opportunity to develop connections in the industry. Many airlines hire several temporary workers at a time to fill important roles, which means these workers will often spend hours each day next to each other. These connections can be vital down the road, either as a support system or as references for advancement opportunities. More importantly, temporary workers can network with managers and supervisors in order to establish a more sophisticated connection to the industry than their fellow workers. In this way, professionals not only benefit from the wisdom of their superiors but can count on them as references down the road.

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