The IT Recruitment Process In The UK

As most graduates and young professionals in the United Kingdom know, the recruitment process can be highly exhausting for individual applicants. Aspiring professionals looking for IT jobs in the UK often meet with dozens of recruiters and IT representatives before getting to the application and interview stage. The daunting task of meeting and speaking with these recruiters is made more difficult by the fact that applicants need to break through the rhetoric to find the job that is right for them. However, an understanding of the IT recruitment process within a UK corporation may help inform graduates on how importance recruiting is to the job market.

The IT recruitment process in the UK is multi-tiered, with many different factors going into the ultimate decision to hire an individual applicant. The beginning of the process comes from the board of directors or management of an IT firm. These high level professionals decide that they need more permanent IT professionals to facilitate an investment in advanced computing technology.

Executives may also decide that they need a group of temporary IT professionals in order to get new software out onto the market quicker. In any event, the executives tell hiring managers and recruiters what their expectations are for these new professionals. After human resources and recruiting professionals get this information, they decide on the best course of action for recruiting the right personnel.

Jobs that require highly skilled workers may need targeted advertising, like television spots aimed at younger professionals or online banners on highly trafficked web-sites. However, many positions require eager professionals that want to enter training programs or take temporary work in order to bolster their CV. In this case, job fairs and open houses can attract a high number of applications which will surely yield the requisite number of project professionals. Before setting out to the job fair, recruiters need to work on their presentation skills and co-ordinate materials with their colleagues.

Corporations are beginning to use online presentations that are repeated throughout the job fair in order to attract graduate professionals. As well, companies often utilise give away items or free tokens like key chains or shirts to attract a greater number of applicants. However, the most important aspect of recruiting preparation is determining how to reach graduates and young professionals. Recruiters often prepare materials that point out the benefits of project work with their company. By understanding this entire process, an IT graduate is able to appreciate the importance of IT recruiting to individual companies.

Steve Bishop is the Managing Partner of Damia Group. The company specialise in information technology jobs and UK recruitment solutions as well as IT jobs in Europe.

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