The Secrets Of The Winning Jobseeker

The First Step Is To Visualize

Job hunting is just like preparation for a marathon. It has the same elements of planning, preparing and endurance. The first step is to visualize. When you set a goal, visualize achieving it. Start visualizing the things related to that job such as the workplace, the people you will be working with and your daily working schedule.

Also, visualize other details about your job, as if you are already working there. Even if you have a few setbacks in landing that job, retain the vision of your working in that job, in your mind.

This is important, as it turns your desire for the job into firm determination.

Persistence Pays Off

Obviously, job hunting is not going to be smooth sailing or a cakewalk all the way. You are bound to face setbacks, rejections, and negative responses during the process. Nevertheless, always remember that only through persistent effort and sustaining confidence can you win the race.

You just have to keep trying and never give up! The benefits of your persistence will eventually pay off.

Recharge Your Batteries

Since you know that job hunting is going to have some obstacles along the way, it is necessary to prepare for the long run.

Make sure you do not exhaust yourself to the point of quitting the race. Recharge your batteries. Make sure to get refreshed - physically and mentally. That way, you can overcome the setbacks more easily.

Setbacks could be in the form of frustration over a rejection, of not being able to achieve a certain target, or whatever keeps you from getting ahead in the race.

After working hard at job hunting, taking time out helps. Refreshing physical exercise or any activity that helps you unwind is welcome.

Then after a brief break, you will be ready again to work hard to achieve your goals.

Stave Off Negative Emotions

Remember, anything that could damage your determination to succeed at job hunting should be strictly avoided.

Such things could weaken your will to succeed in the race. The setbacks in the process are not the only things that could do this.

Your otherwise simple daily activities could also bring on negative emotions. A newspaper article, a show you are watching on TV, a friendly chat with your well-meaning friends or relatives-anything could propel you into thinking in negative ways.

Always remember to keep yourself fit mentally by staying away from negative emotions such as anxiety, fear or depression.


Contemplate or meditate every day.

Physical exercise or any recreational activity will refresh you for a while, but meditating even for a few minutes will give you peace of mind. It will help you to see things in the right perspective. Sometimes problems and obstacles can get blown out of proportion - your imagination can get the better of you and get you depressed.

Meditation calms you in such a way that you become confident enough to take even the otherwise troublesome things in stride.

Successful jobseekers stay focused, keep their eyes on the big picture and take frequent mental health breaks.

Follow each step carefully, and you too will emerge a winner!


About the Author (text)Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution\'s Six Sigma Online ( ) offers online six
sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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