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People had a picture of a security guard as someone uniformed who stands guard all day in banks, schools and related establishments for the safety of the people who are working or going in and out of these buildings. It is very rare that these people are seen in action. In fact, all they seem to do is to provide a sort of visual warning to the possible threat of crime. Much like a security camera, a security guard can prevent the event of a planned crime from happening by simply being present in a building.

The security guard is the underdog of the security industry. People have this impression that a security guard is less of an action hero and more of an annoying presence greeting the visitors with suspicious stares. This is very true for some, but what they do not know is that the security guard is a building or establishment's only line of defense in the event a crime. Security cameras are only supporting evidences to the crime.

Security guards, however, are the real-time defense to stop a crime. This thought makes establishment owners aware of the importance of carefully choosing the right security agency. Though some people thought of the job of a security guard as being lowly, more and more people are now seeing a different picture of the security guard. Crimes are never promised to disappear and the simplest of crime such as harassment will require the mediation of a security guard. More than acting as a protector of the establishment, the security guard is also present to assist visitors of the building in the absence of an information booth.

But these are just some of the real work that security guards do that are visible to the public. The Job Of A Security Guard As mentioned earlier, security guards scan visitors, issue passes to control access to the facilities and give assistance to visitors and direct them to the proper areas. Basically, a security guard will need to have a good photographic memory.

To effectively monitor the guests and visitors that come and go, he cannot rely on security cameras and instead must rely on his own ability to recognize faces in real-time. There have been cases of prevented crimes from happening or cases solved because the security team has identified a criminal or a wanted man entering the premises. Throughout his duty as a security guard, he will have to enforce the mandate of the establishment or building he is serving. This is his duty to primarily serve his employer and enforce regulations to maintain order at the establishment or public event that he is working at. There have been cases of brushes with other security guards or law enforcement agencies because the objective of these law enforcers conflicts with the orders given to the security guard of the establishment.

The security guard of an establishment also has job functions other than standing guard at the entrance of an establishment. A security guard can instead be assigned in patrol of areas that is considered either a hazard or is private from the public eye. Patrol of areas can also due to its protection from vandalism, fire and theft. Aside from this, a security guard can also be assigned in a designated control room. A control room is a place where feeds from security cameras are usually located. The control room is used to monitor activities at strategic points in establishments or public places like the airport or the mall.

Related to this is the work at the airport security checkpoints where security personnel check every luggage of passengers for dangerous weapons or hazardous substances. People have thought that security guards are not mobile and only stay at the employer's establishment. But this is not always the case. A security guard may be assigned to man armored trucks and vans that deliver cash and valuables to the bank, atm machines and retail customers or partners. They must ensure safe delivery of money from the main bank to ATM machines in different areas of the city.

A security guard assigned to an armored van or car is mobile; wherever the van goes, he goes as well. He will only leave his posts only when the transfer of money from van to ATM machines has been effected. The security guard is in a great risk when mobile and carrying huge amounts of cash or valuables that is why banks usually uses dummy armor vans so that criminals will have no idea of the exact schedule of transfer or delivery of valuables. Lastly, a security guard must ensure that emergency and safety procedures are followed in the event of a fire alarm, bomb threat and such other emergencies.

Current Conditions For The Security Guard A security guard usually works in private security agencies, in retail stores, industrial establishments, museums and other organizations. Based from current statistics, the highest concentrations of security guards and other related occupations can be found in Nova Scotia and Quebec while the lowest concentrations are present in Alberta and Newfoundland. Though, worldwide, the employment growth for security guards is above average, continuous advancement in surveillance technologies have decreased the need for security guards.

Establishment owners, however, cannot disregard the assessment abilities of human against machine even with the statistical calculating power of machines. In general conditions, security guards are required to have earned at least a high school diploma to be employed. If one wants to be employed as an airport security guard or work for the federal government, he is required to undergo specialized training from his employer. To be an armored car driver, a prospective security guard needs to have a professional driver's license. Most of the time, security guards are required by their employers to carry a service firearm. If this be the case, he needs a gun license.

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