The Two Faces of Unemployment

What does it really mean when unemployment is discussed?.There is unemployment and there is being unemployed. Being unemployed is simply not having work when a person is willing to work. Unemployment is a little broader in scope and what we will concentrate on. Unemployment is being without work or related to a job loss.

The Two Faces of Unemployment comprise the positive aspects and the negative aspects. Most of us are very aware of the negative aspects such as loss of income, being unable to find employment, difficulties paying bills, depression because of self-confidence and other issues that are related. The positive aspects of unemployment will be discussed later.

How does unemployment relate to our economic times? We read about unemployment all the time and at some time in your career, as the statistics would allow, you will be unemployed. Unemployment is something that has come with our Industrial Economic period. Prior to the Industrial period, when we were an agrarian culture, we may have had idle workers but they weren't considered unemployed as we consider people today.The problems associated with unemployment can and are extensive.

This can range from the personal effects that occur to the individual to the effects that reach out and affect others or the community. Examples of this are occasionally higher crime rates when unemployment is significant especially in a localized area. These effects can affect the community by creating a higher reliance on social programs such as unemployment insurance, food stamps and welfare. High unemployment rates also keeps pay rates down due to higher number of people competing for the same jobs.

The lower paying jobs may be available but they only offer a short term relief from the unemployment problem. These lowing paying jobs can be more of an obstacle for the unemployed than a resource. Often, they do not pay enough for someone to maintain their lifestyle and they can be mentally detrimental as well. If this is the alternative, the individual that may have loss his or her job and picked this up for a short term may not be available for the opportunity in their field of work.

After all of this, what can possibly be positive about unemployment? In The Two Faces of Unemployment, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is not one of those freight trains such as not being able to pay bill or loss of self-esteem. This is the Positive aspect of unemployment that most people overlook. Every once in a while, you will come across an article in one of the business magazines that will address these aspects. Most of these articles start something like this: "I Got Fired and it was the Best Thing that Happened To Me!" How many businesses get started just that way? Someone is in a dead-end job going nowhere and getting there fast. They always have had a desire to run their own business and they have had this idea in the back of their mind forever but didn't have the courage to leave the comfort of their job (the one that they hated). Now you're reading in the business magazine about this great little company that is coming along rather nicely and the company's owner started this business after his last employer fired him.

The other story, is one that you might have heard from a friend or a family member about someone that you might know personally that wanted to take some classes to qualify for another job that they have been interested in doing (sometimes for years). They never seem to be able to able to find the time for the training they needed or just couldn't get up the motivation. Then it happened, they were downsized, laid-off or fired. Instead of getting depressed, they got motivated and they are now doing what they wanted to do years ago (and wondered why they didn't just do it before).The Two Faces of Unemployment can give you a different perspective on the issue of unemployment. Often, we do not see the opportunity to do the things we wish to do because we don't want to let go of what we know.

We may not like what we know but the fear of the unknown prevents us from accomplishing things we want to do. Sometimes the best we could hope for is this: "I Got Fired and it was the Best Thing that Happened To Me!".

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By: Michael Russell

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