The Various Responsibilities Of A Stress Engineer

Aerospace firms hire a number of specific engineering professionals in order to get their projects off of the ground. In terms of the preproduction process, there are few engineers that do more in getting projects to advance from concept to completion than the stress engineer. The stress engineer focuses on the impact of wind, air pressure, and gravity upon planes and other aerospace products. This particular engineer usually does their work before production is even started, reviewing specifications and observing tests to give the thumbs up or thumbs down to the ability of a plane to hold up to atmospheric conditions.

Stress engineers have a number of responsibilities and their ultimate duty is to ensure that a particular project does not proceed without certifying its ability to hold up to daily stresses. This professional works with design teams during the conceptual phase to answer questions, determine if designs are workable, and to offer suggestions on how to improve a new concept. Stress engineers provide useful input at this stage, as a poor design can mean millions of pounds wasted on a project.

Once the stress engineer looks over a design and approves it as sufficient, they proceed with testing and prototypes. In this stage of aerospace design and production, stress engineers are critical in assessing the impact of stress on the proposed product exterior. Testing ranges use wind turbines and other methods to assess the impact of natural and artificial factors on the proposed vehicle.

Stress engineers benefit from sophisticated computer equipment which can measure weak points and the amount of pressure on certain measurement spots on the tested material. Indeed, a stress engineer can determine if their initial calculations and judgments need to be revised at this stage. While stress engineers offer a lot of input to aerospace firms before projects are begun, their work does not end at the assembly line. Stress engineers work with maintenance crews and mechanics to assess long term issues of wear and tear on a firm's products. As well, stress engineers work with designers on how to improve the next generation of product based on the reliability and durability of the last generation.

Young professionals looking to make it as a stress engineer need to understand the high importance of such a position. Aerospace firms contract with the military and airlines to develop new products for their usage. Stress engineers need to be proficient in every aspect of their job for the sake of their client and the client's end users.

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