Viral Marketing The New Age of Technology

Do you feel you have what it takes to be successful in the music industry? Are you looking to make it big in the music business? Have you tried everything you know to be discovered and signed by a major label? Then, you might want to try a new marketing approach that's taken the music industry by storm. It's called viral marketing. Viral Marketing is an innovative new approach to getting yourself noticed by millions quick, fast, and in a hurry. Do you like the sound of that? The concept of viral marketing is appealing to those music professions that are still operating on a meager budget and do not have the means to purchase ads in magazines or billboards. However, most people have one thing in common, the Internet. The Internet can put your band in touch with millions of music lovers for minimal costs.

Not to mention it could provide you with the opportunity to be noticed by agents and record labels. What's the best part of this? You might already have built a fan base with viral marketing well before your album ever hit the shelves. In today's competitive music industry it might just be the thing you need to reach that next level.

In the age of the Internet, viral marketing has never been so easy. Free sites such as You Tube, My Space, and even Blogger; offer musicians and singers an opportunity to share their music with the public by the thousands, even millions for free to very little cost. Why not take advantage of an explosion that's revolutionized the way bands and singers get noticed. You can even upload your own music video to these sites and other Bloggers or Myspacers can share or email them to friends. That's advertisement in the Music Business that you can't buy-literally and it has proven a success for bands such as My Chemical Romance and other music industry professionals.

If you're interested in Viral marketing, check out a band already using this approach. It's perfectly okay to take a route in marketing your band; you know has proven to work for another. Upload your music; nothing is more infectious-pardon the pun-than being able to hear the song repeatedly. More and more people are turning to IPod's, mp4 players and the computer to listen to their music than ever. This an extremely important concept when you're attempting to market your band. In addition, the Internet is a vital part of your marketing campaign.

Once you've researched the sites and marked your path, there should be nothing to stand in your way of becoming a success. Unless, of course, your band is missing a little thing called talent.

Jaci Rae is a Best Selling author of The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money. Book Jaci for your next show: and hit contact button for her publicist.

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