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Is it your dream to become a pilot? Have you always wanted to take to the skies, to feel the freedom that eagles and hawks enjoy all the time? This could be the start of something big for you. 1. Evaluate Your Skill Level Are you a college graduate or not? This is a vital issue for you since most airline companies give a lot of bearing on a potential pilot's academic proficiency as well as overall good physical and mental well-being. This is perfectly understandable on their part since they will be giving their pilots total command of a multi-million dollar aircraft. They would rather have one of these at the hands of a competent and capable pilot who can make crucial decisions during critical situations rather than someone who may be less proficient and easily loses composure whenever stressfull circumstances arise. 2.

Plunging Into Unfamiliar Territory By becoming a pilot you are subjecting yourself to a life that most often than not is always on the go. Expect work schedules that can last from two to even six days of continuous flights. Even holidays will not give you any reprieve. At the same time, however, this provides you with the opportunity to travel to distant lands here and abroad. This is as near as you can be from being a man of the world. It poses an exciting and fun career but on the other hand, its very nature can cause problems if you have a family that may have a hard time coping with your perpetually changing schedule.

3. Search For Your Ideal School Looking for your ideal school can be exciting and enjoyable. Consider factors like the reputation of a school. Does it offer up-to-date flight programs? Is it in partnership with airline companies? Look at the competitive edge of your potential flight school. Make sure these aviation schools to measure up to your expectations.

- Location, Location, Location Geography has a key role in your education because the time you will spend in the air learning to operate an aircraft will largely depend on the location's weather. If foul weather abounds in the area that covers the site of your flight school, chances are that you will spend more time in the classroom learning about theories rather than learning it firsthand through experience. - Be On Budget Admittedly, enrolling in flight school is a costly endeavor. Much of the expenses of the course is related to your accumulation of flying hours. If you are limited by a tight budget and you want to get the best aviation school education you can get, then consider joining the army. All your educational expeses will be paid for by the government and at the same time, you will be getting a first-rate education from very capable instructors.

An important thing to take note of if you are thinking of joining the army is that they have a mandatory commitment time which lasts for a few years (you didn't think you'll get off the hook so easily, did you?). After that, you are free as a bird and can now proceed to jumpstarting your professinal career. - Stay The Course Your short-term goal is to get into a good aviation school and learn the basics. The next step, which will be your mid-term goal, is to acquire the necessary certificates and accumulate the required number of hours that will ensure you will land a job in a highly-regarded airline company. - Be A Role Model Like it or not, your ideal position is extremely competative, and companies will be looking not only at your credentials but also your personal character. Join organizations that promote good values and exemplify leadership, integrity, and responsibility.

- Stay Up There Your learning should not stop after getting your certificates and earning your flight hours. Check out aviation magazines as well as journals. Use the internet, a lot of information can be gathered online and this will be beneficial for your professional growth.

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