Ways To Jumpstart Your IT Career

While trying to establish a career in the field of Information Technology (IT), you may often find yourself confused and indecisive. Though you may plan to do something different with your IT career, you simply may not get around to it and remain only aspiring for that perfect opportunity. In order to be recognized you must excel. In order to excel you must be qualified, experienced and able to perform in situations that may challenge others in your field.

Some basic ways of doing this are to develop skills, develop credibility through certification and be ready to think outside the box for solutions. Gaining Knowledge And Acquiring New Skills The monotonous routine of your regular job is one of the biggest and most significant reasons for the loss of interest in your job. If you love what you do, nothing can be worse than that. However, if you do not like your job and you continue with it out of some sort of compulsion, then it is best to break all mental barriers and come out of it.

You should start learning new skills that will add value to your career prospects and help you in securing the career that you aspire for. If you are tired of doing server jobs, allow some time for acquiring Cisco skills. Similarly, you can consider learning some Linux skills if you have been working as a Microsoft Exchange specialist. Developing new skills can provide you the advantage to get the next promotion. Getting Certified Whether you work long term for one company or are looking for other opportunities to grow elsewhere, certifications in your area of expertise add the required credibility to take on greater responsibility and earn more. Some disciplines such as medicine, accounting and law require frequent certifications to maintain the license to practice these professions.

Even when such certifications are not required, it's very important to develop a certification plan to advance your career. Consider that you are always competing for your job with others in the company and outside. Consider also who your company would prefer, a person with an impressive list of certifications or one who has stagnated in their education goals.

Companies work with limited resources. Without a doubt additional certifications add to the perceived value of an employee and companies tend to reward such initiatives. Getting Prepared For Changes Sometimes, you may need to take a step backward in order to finally move forward. If you are seen or perceived by your employer only as a "server guy" but wish to work in a different domain, be ready to work nights or do additional shifts to gain work experience in the area you prefer. You may go through some temporary financial hardships as a result of the job change, but it might prove to be your best career move in the long term.

If changes are made according to your master career plan they are likely to yield much better results than simply reacting to short term situations. Do Not Get Typecast Make sure you are useful to your company in many disciplines. This is essential for job security and career growth. If you do no more than is expected of you then you are tied to the one job you do. However if you have initiative and break the typecast of the job to do more than is required, chances are that you will be noticed and rewarded.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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