What Are Online Employment Agencies

Looking for a new job? Feeling in a rut and need a change? Whatever your reason for changing jobs, it has never been easier than now. Online employment agencies have helped thousands if not millions of people from all walks of life find the jobs that they wanted. Like their non cyber counterparts, online employment agencies act as a liaison between prospective employers and you the job hunter.

So how do you find an online employment agency? Easy just open your browser and search using the phrase "employment agencies" with your favorite search engine and you'll see literally millions of links. If you make your way down the list you will find dozens of suitable online employment agencies. Lets check out three of them now. is one of those online employment agencies that list jobs on a worldwide basis.

Here you can find a job in virtually any country in the world for both long and short term contracts. They also list openings for volunteer workers on many charitable projects. In addition they offer valuable information concerning travelling, visas and related subjects. Try hot. Whilst this site does not specifically deal with international vacancies, it does provide access to Yahoo groups that do. Using the website will require a account sign up for free and email account thrown in.

Then there is which as its name suggests is a monster of an employment agency. But don't worry, its a friendly monster! They offer job searches in many countries and also have sites that a specific to particular countries. For example Canada is covered by and Britain by

uk Most online employment agencies allow you to post your resume online. Once approved this is placed in their database that is searchable by employers looking to fill their vacancies. Your resume is posted either by filling in an on-screen form or by attaching it to an email. When an employer sees your resume and wishes to follow up, they will contact the employment agency who in turn will contact you.

Obviously you can apply directly for any job that is posted on the website. Just submit a resume and covering letter as well and the agency will do the rest. Choose your employment agency wisely before submitting your details online.

Recently in cases involving identity theft it was found that people's details were gathered from bogus sites posing as employment agencies.

Dawson Z. Hardy has many years experience as a Human Resourses Manager. visit his Employment Agencies Guide for more tips and articles.

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