Would You Rather Work At Home Or In An Office

If you decide to work at home and become your own boss, you will have a different set of challenges ahead of you than if you work at a regular job in an office. For instance, when you work at home by yourself, you no longer have exposure to friends and co-workers and you will most likely be spending much of your day alone. This is fine for some people but others need the interaction with co-workers to make their day feel more fulfilling.

Mothers who have children might be the best candidates for work from home jobs because it will give them the opportunity to stay close to their children and make some money too. Stay at home moms may also be a little more used to spending less time with friends their age and just spending time with their children.

Another thing to consider when contemplating working at home is that you may be considered self employed and that poses another set of problems to deal with. My post about being self emplyoyed outlines some of the difficulties some people never consider before they take the plunge. Most important of all is the ability to be organized and inwardly self driven.

If you are your own boss, you have to get the job done on your own and be able to make yourself work even when you might not feel like it. In an office environment this may be easier for some people because they have a boss to answer to and everyone around them is working too. If you are working at home everyday, it is only you and you need to be able to motivate yourself to work.

If you are more inclined to work in an office, you need to be able to get the best job you can for yourself and keep moving up.

Many people continue to further their careers by changing jobs and so you need to become familiar with all the different job search sites so that you can get your resume out there working for you. These job web sites are great because you can submit your resume to many of them and when an employer is interested they will call you. You can spend time looking on your own but you can also sit back and wait until a prospective employer finds you. Additionally, most of these job websites are free as the companies pay to place the ads.

Whether you decide to work at home or work in an office, it is great that there are so many more options for people than there were just 10 or 15 years ago. The Internet has been a wonderful advancement for so many people and given them the opportunity to make their own job choice.


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