Your Very First Job Search Resume Why Not Make It A Winner

So, you're ready to head into the job marketplace for the first time. If you want to do it right, you should have a job campaign plan. Your job search resume is part of that plan.

Before you do anything, take a long hard look at what you've got going for you that would be of interest to an employer. Don't consider only jobs you've had. An employer is much more interested in what you bring to the table that can make a difference going forward . . . not backward.

Don't think of preparing a resume till you've sorted out your strengths capabilities and assets. When you're ready, here are some general rules for your very first job search resume: 1. Stick to one page and use a simple layout.

2. Create an attention-grabbing headline that alerts the reader to your main strengths and capabilities. 3. Below the headline write an assertive summary statement that establishes the kind of results-oriented qualities you bring to the table. Do NOT write an "objective statement.

" Employers could care less what you hope to get out of the job. They want to know how you can make a difference to their organization. 4. Don't indicate your GPA unless it is 3.5 and above. 5.

When you identify your work experience it's very important to quantify what you've done, e.g. "I developed a very successful project on a limited budget. I was able to attract over 300 attendants and realized a profit of $2300.

" 6. Be sure to indicate particular skills and training you've received, e.g.

computer programs, second language fluency, CDL license, wood-working, etc. 7. Identify extra curricular activities that set you apart from the competition, e.g. awards, athletic prowess, volunteer work, tutoring, specialized training, eventful vacations and travel experience, etc.

Look, there's a lot to do to prepare yourself for the job marketplace. An attractive, assertive job search resume is only one step. The good news is there's an exciting job search system that can launch you into the job marketplace in a matter of hours and have you entertaining a job offer in just days!.

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